I’m not a writer or a politician, just a proud Canadian mom.

I am not a politician or a writer. I am a proud Canadian trying to raise my incredible little boys in a time when being a parent seems nearly impossible. I thought I was just ‘bad’ at balancing things and somehow was failing at keeping up until I heard Dr. Paul Kershaw speak about Gen Squeezed. It opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, got me fired up about advocating for a future with social policy that properly reflect the massive changes that have occurred in my lifetime, and inspired me to start this blog. I understand that I am setting myself up to take some heat but I feel this story in my heart and will stand by my words. I’m doing this not for me or my own young children as the wheels of change move much too slowly to ease my squeeze. I am doing this so that my children will see advocacy in action and I hope this work encourages changes that will allow them to have the kind of family life I thought I could provide them with.


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